So you have  the car booked, or maybe you have just been asked by your teen to provide their share of the cost for the limo, what happens now?  At On The Town Limousines, we now ask for a number of things from you in addition to the deposit.  We  require a full list of all of the occupants in the car, and once this list is finalised, we ask for everyone to sign the Prom Promise.  This states the following:

1. No alcohol, illegal substances or tobacco are allowed in and/or around the limousine. (includes teens or adults returning to limousine intoxicated)

       2. All packages, handbags, and /or overnight bags are subject to inspection by chauffeur and must go into trunk or front passenger area of the limousine.

       3. The solid privacy divider will be locked in the open position at all times.

       4. A parent or guardian’s phone number MUST be provided. Contact person needs to be available by phone for the length of the contract.

       5. The chauffeur will provide the contact parent with his/her cell phone number.

       6. After departure, there will be no changes and/or deviations to the itinerary provided to driver by parents.  

       7. Only persons listed below will be allowed in the car during contract time span.

       8. There will be no “hanging out” in the car during contract time span.

       9. ANY violation to this contract will result in immediate termination and complete forfeiture of trip charge. 

 We encourage you to talk with your teens about your expectations, and we would also recommend discussing the buddy system – if you go together you stay together!

We will provide to all students and their parents the name and cell phone number of their chauffeur for the evening.  You may contact the chauffeur at any time if you need to.  All our chauffeurs are fully trained in drug and alcohol awareness, and will  be alert to any signs of their use.   Our goal is for your teen to have a fantastic prom evening and to enjoy it in a safe and responsible manner.     If you have any questions about our Prom Program please do not hesitate to contact us on  301-829-7999.

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