Wedding Planning for 2012

Did you just get engaged over the holidays?  Well if you did congratulations, this is a fun time for you and of course your families.  After the initial joy of the proposal and the receiving of the ring comes the planning for the big day.  Where to start?  Maybe we can help you with that!  First of all take a deep breath and then consider your timeline.  Once you have the date, it is pretty important to decide on where you would like to get married.  Many venues are booking at least a year in advance.

Depending on where you are getting married, you can determine all the other vendors that you will need.  The venue will also to a large extent determine the style of the dress that the bride will wear and also that of the groom and all the attendants. Do you want a traditional ceremony or something outside with a gorgeous natural backdrop?  Questions, questions questions!!

One way to help get the ball rolling and to allow you to do some one stop shopping is to attend the bridal shows.  We are currently in the midst of the bridal show season, so make sure to listen to the radio for upcoming events, check out the newspapers and of course most of the bridal sites will have links to what is happening and when.  You can do the samething for your wedding dress by attending the trunk shows for vendors and you stand the chance of saving some money which may ease your budget in other directions.

We just attended the Bridal Show at Linganore Wine Cellars, and last week we were at Turf Valley.  In February, we will be attending shows and tastings at Visitation Academy in Frederick on February 19th.  Two tastings at Morningside Inn also on February 19th.  Hollow Creek Golf Club on February 26th and Musket Ridge Golf Club on February 28th.  We hope to see you there, and don’t forget to give us a call 301-829-7999 when you need to book your limousines and shuttle buses.  We can do it all for you!!




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