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Many of you are planning winter cruises or holidays, time to escape the bad weather and go and relax in the sun.  Our friend Cliff who owns and operates Travel By C has an excellent news letter and makes some really interesting points in his  latest edition.

Here are some great ideas worth remembering not just for cruise travel but also air and rail travel too.

  • Use hard sided luggage
  • Pack valuables in your carry-on
  • Avoid luggage that looks expensive
  • Pack only items that are easily replaced or those that you can live without
  • Use a TSA approved lock or plastic cable ties to secure your bags
  • Make your bags easy to spot by choosing bright colors or use distinctive straps

You can also put your Smart Phone to good use when travelling too.

  • Take a photo of any bags you intend to check in with the airlines
  • Take a photo of anything out of the ordinary you pack in your checked bags
  • Take a photo of your hotel room number – new card keys do not display room numbers deliberately!
  • Take a photo of the lot you parked your car in at the airport so that you can remember where it is on your return (or better yet, call On The Town Limousines, Inc. to take you to and from the airport to alleviate this problem!)
  • Take a photo of your rental car license and condition-this is a great way to prove the condition of your car should you ever have to, or remember the plate number in case you forget where you parked your vehicle, or should it be stolen
  • Take a photo of your hotel, this is great in overseas destinations so that you can show your cab driver, and you are a little shaky on the language!

Thanks Cliff for your great ideas.   To see the whole newsletter go to

Do you have any great travel tips, let us know we would love to share them.

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