Staycations – a great short vacation!

Are you still on a high from the Holidays, or do you need a vacation to get over it all?  I know how tiring the Holidays can be, especially for the Moms who take care of so much of the preparation to make sure that everyone has that perfect gift, the house looks amazing and of course all those Holiday treats and meals that have to be made!

How about taking a mini-break – even just  one night away from home can make such a difference.  We are based in Maryland and there are so many great locations for a night away.  We just spent the night in Baltimore, and were away for about 24 hours in total.  Priceline can get you a great deal on a four star hotel in the Inner Harbor, which is so conveniently placed for all the local restaurants.  Instead of just going to one restaurant take a few hours and go from place to place and sample some food in each one before moving on at your leisure.  A walk around the Inner Harbor is a great way to end your evening out.  Try driving over to Fells Point for brunch or lunch the next day and again just stroll around and enjoy the atmosphere.  We were lucky with the weather for January, but when we got home again we were relaxed and refreshed.

So.. next time you feel in need of some relaxation think about a staycation and check out some of the local spots that you keep thinking you will check out, but never quite get around to instead of spending a lot more money to go further afield.  Of course if you really want to make it special call us and we will take you there and get you home again in style and comfort at  301-829-7999.  We also have lots of information we can share with you to help in the planning for restaurant and hotel selections, so please give us a call and let us help you plan the best staycation for you!

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