The prom season is almost upon us and our phones are starting to be very busy with prom reservations.  This is a very exciting time for our juniors and seniors as they plan their big nights.  What to wear and of course the agonizing over will he ask me or should I ask her!!  However, as much as we all want our children to enjoy this rite of passage in their lives, there are safety aspects to this big night that they may not want to address, but as parents we need and have to address.

On The Town Limousines, Inc. takes very seriously the safety of all our clients whether they are students or not.  However, when dealing with minors we do have a number of rules that we strictly adhere to.

  • All bags and packages, other than a clutch purse, will be housed in the trunk of the car
  • We have a zero tolerance for alcohol, drugs and cigarettes, even if there are passengers over the age of 21
  • The only person able to make changes to the itinerary is the parent who made the booking
  • No changes will be accepted from anyone in the car, unless they were the adult making the booking
  • No unscheduled stops will be made
  • No additional passengers will be added to the vehicle for the return trip, and the same number that leaves with us has to return with us.
  • The divider between the back cabin and the driver will remain down at all times
  • All members of the Prom party will sign the Prom promise
  • Our chauffeur will make his cell phone number available to all parents and to every member of the prom party
  • No hanging out of the vehicle through  a sun roof or windows

The staff at On The Town Limousines, Inc. have undergone extensive prom safety and awareness training and all our chauffeurs are aware of signs of drug and alcohol use.  If our chauffeur suspects there has been any breach of any of these rules the evening will be terminated, and students taken to members of staff at the school or returned home to the original point of departure.


We would also draw your attention to the following graphic video of the last moments of some teenage girls who were tragically killed after an evening out drinking.  It is a difficult video to watch, but for those parents who allow their children to drive themselves to Prom, or are allowing them to go on Senior Week to the Beach, we hope you will watch this with your children in the hopes that this will save a life.  This is courtesy of Channel 9 news.


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