Groupons, Deals and Value For Money!

Here at On The Town Limousines, we understand that our customers all want value for money, and will often shop around to find the best “deal” before making their reservations, whether it be for a wedding, an airport or cruise transfer, night out, prom or any other kind of reservation.

We always price out our vehicles fairly, offering not just value for money, but a guarantee that our vehicles are clean, will show up on time and are in full working order.  Our Chauffeurs are trained to be courteous, friendly and are professional  in both demeanor and attire.

It is worth bearing in mind the following points about companies who offer very low pricing.

  • They may not be fully licensed and insured, and are running illegally.
  • Cars are not maintained properly and may not have air conditioning or heating.
  • They are more prone to break down because of infrequent servicing.
  • Cars you see on their web pages may not actually be owned by them, and so substitutes, perhaps much older and in bad condition, will arrive to pick you up.
  • If you use a Groupon for limousine service please read the small print very carefully so that you fully understand exactly what you are getting for your money.
  • Be sure that the company you book with is the company you think it is.  This is applicable in towns that have more than one limousine service.

There are many legitimate, hard working limousine companies in our area, however there are also many who cut corners, and are not operating completely legally, so we encourage you to ask many questions before committing your money to a reservation.  Make sure you are completely comfortable with the operator and the vehicle or vehicles that you are reserving.  If possible take the time to go out to the office location for your operator to examine the fleet and to see exactly what you are getting. A company who is operating legally will have no problem with letting you see the vehicles and to answering any questions you may have about licensing and insurance.

There is nothing more disappointing to find out that on your big day, the car that arrives is not what you were expecting, it breaks down, or is not even the company that you thought it was.

So.. with wedding and prom season almost upon us, please ask the right questions and remember that the old adage is pretty true, you get what you pay for!

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