A Very Special Wedding

All brides and grooms are special, but recently On The Town Limousines, Inc  was priviledged to participate in a very special wedding.  Stephanie Henriquez Brown and Dino Brown were married on May 31st in Frederick, Maryland with 85 guests attending.  Nothing so unusual about that,  however, Stephanie at age 23 is the recent recipient of a heart transplant.  She and her fiance wanted to get married, and were happy to just go to the court house, but Stephanie at least wanted a wedding dress for her special day.  Her mom went to TLC wedding dress shop in Frederick and asked to see dresses for her daughter.  Confused at to why the bride would not be present, Terry Warfield the owner of TLC, eventually managed to get the whole story.  She immediately offered a free wedding dress for the event, and started to make calls to see if she could get this very special couple a real wedding, and if she could get other vendors to donate their services.  We were very proud to be able to provide the limousine service for this memorable occasion.  To see this whole story follow this link: http://www.fredericknewspost.com/sections/archives/display_detail.htm?StoryID=126136

Once in a while we should all take the time to reflect on how fortunate we are, and On The Town Limousines, Inc had no hesitation in offering  our services  to make this special day as memorable as possible for this deserving couple.

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