A Very Special Commitment Ceremony

For most of us planning a wedding there is a fairly traditional route that is followed.  However for Jeanne and Charles this was not the case.  Jeanne Waters aged 47 and Charles Wisner aged 38 both have Downs Syndrome.  They live in group homes, and both attend the Scott Key Center in Frederick.  Since the moment they first met 25 years ago it  has always been Jeanne and Charlie,  so the members of the Center wanted to arrange a Commitment Ceremony for this very special couple.

 The original plan was for a simple ceremony to be followed by a pizza party.  However, when word got out, the members of FABNet (The Frederick Area Bridal Network) swung into action and donated their services, and  a day to remember was created.  On The Town Limousines, Inc.  was honored to provide car service to the “Bride and Groom” for this wonderful event. 

Sometimes it is easy to take for granted the simple pleasures of planning a wedding and the life that will follow on from there, unfortunately for Jeanne and Charles they are not able to live together, but we wish them all the happiness in the world as they continue their lives together, in whatever form it may take.  Congratulations Jeanne and Charles. Click here to go to Kelly Hahn’s blog and photos from the event.  Kelly was the official photographer for the day and took some beautiful photos.

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