Len Joseph Interview with Andrea McCarren Channel 9 News

Len Joseph video interview with Channel 9 News


MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md. (WUSA)–In Montgomery County last year, fatal drunk driving crashes were up, and here are some eye-opening statistics related to those crashes:

The average Blood Alcohol Concentration of the victims aged 21 or over was .17– more than twice the legal limit of .08.

But under the age of 21, the average was a .24–three times the legal limit! That’s the equivalent of consuming about 15 drinks!

With prom season now underway, Montgomery County Police will be out in full force trying to keep our kids safe.

9 Wants You To Know how some teenagers have gotten downright clever when it comes to sneaking alcohol into the night’s festivities.

“We do make all the backpacks, purses and everything go in the trunk, no matter what,” said Len Joseph, the owner of On The Town Limo in Mt. Airy.

Sleek limos, fancy dresses and sharp tuxes aren’t the only signs that prom season is here.

“There’s a new alcohol bra that actually has little compartments in it and there’s a straw down the strap,” said Officer William Morrison of the Montgomery County Police Department.

Every year, Montgomery County Police alert limo drivers to the latest trends among resourceful teenagers. The alcohol bra appears to have replaced another fad: sandals with a built in flask.

“Last year, I had a limousine driver come to me and say, ‘Hey, do you mind talking to this kid? He’s got the mintiest fresh breath you’ve ever seen!’ And sure enough, what he was actually doing was drinking Scope,” said Morrison.

Police say some mouthwash contains as much as 40% alcohol!

“They’re very creative. Very creative,” said Joseph.

Limo driver Len Joseph remembers one prom night when the kids made what sounded like an innocent request: a brief stop at a local convenience store.

Recalled Joseph, “I pull in, two of the boys get out, they run in and they come out with two big huge bags of Snapple.”

That seemed odd, since the limo was stocked with water and soda. But Len listened closely and didn’t hear the popping noise that usually comes when bottles are opened.

“I said, hey, you guys got Snapple? Pass one of those up for old Mr. Len, that’s great. Great stuff. Well you could see the look go over every face,” he said.

The teens had planned in advance with a friend who worked at the convenience store.  Each bottle had been opened and pre-filled with alcohol.

“I pulled over, grabbed a Snapple and said, we’re going back to Mom and Dad’s and we did,” said Joseph.

Whether in a standard limo or in a 32-passenger deluxe model, Len’s company has a zero tolerance policy for underage drinking or drug use.

“We just can’t have it,” he said. “Parents put their trust in us and we have to bring them back the same way we found them.”

Veteran limo company owners say parents shouldn’t book a limo simply based on price. Make sure the company is licensed and has the proper insurance.

In Virginia, you can find a list of registered and insured limousine companies on DMV’s website:

For other jurisdictions, put the name of the limo company in the search box at:

Written by Andrea McCarren







The prom season is almost upon us and our phones are starting to be very busy with prom reservations.  This is a very exciting time for our juniors and seniors as they plan their big nights.  What to wear and of course the agonizing over will he ask me or should I ask her!!  However, as much as we all want our children to enjoy this rite of passage in their lives, there are safety aspects to this big night that they may not want to address, but as parents we need and have to address.

On The Town Limousines, Inc. takes very seriously the safety of all our clients whether they are students or not.  However, when dealing with minors we do have a number of rules that we strictly adhere to.

  • All bags and packages, other than a clutch purse, will be housed in the trunk of the car
  • We have a zero tolerance for alcohol, drugs and cigarettes, even if there are passengers over the age of 21
  • The only person able to make changes to the itinerary is the parent who made the booking
  • No changes will be accepted from anyone in the car, unless they were the adult making the booking
  • No unscheduled stops will be made
  • No additional passengers will be added to the vehicle for the return trip, and the same number that leaves with us has to return with us.
  • The divider between the back cabin and the driver will remain down at all times
  • All members of the Prom party will sign the Prom promise
  • Our chauffeur will make his cell phone number available to all parents and to every member of the prom party
  • No hanging out of the vehicle through  a sun roof or windows

The staff at On The Town Limousines, Inc. have undergone extensive prom safety and awareness training and all our chauffeurs are aware of signs of drug and alcohol use.  If our chauffeur suspects there has been any breach of any of these rules the evening will be terminated, and students taken to members of staff at the school or returned home to the original point of departure.


We would also draw your attention to the following graphic video of the last moments of some teenage girls who were tragically killed after an evening out drinking.  It is a difficult video to watch, but for those parents who allow their children to drive themselves to Prom, or are allowing them to go on Senior Week to the Beach, we hope you will watch this with your children in the hopes that this will save a life.  This is courtesy of Channel 9 news.


2012 Colonial Jewelers Cake Dig

On The Town Limousines, Inc.  was very honored to take part in this year’s 24 Karat Cake Dig in Frederick, sponsored once again by Colonial Jewelers.  We provided the limousine service to bring the contestants to “The Dig” and we are also providing limo service in conjunction with The Flying Dog Brewery for the Grand Prize Winner!!

It was certainly a very messy affair but all the contestants had a great time, even though no-one won the $24,000 prize, everyone was rewarded with lots of donated prizes ranging from a watch from Colonial to overnight accommodation in a number of different venues around Frederick, to many services that the members of FABNet (The Frederick Area Bridal Network) provide.  Canapes Catering provided mouth watering treats  along with drinks to really set the occasion.  They also baked the twelve small bridal cakes and the large cake which were used in The Dig.  The contestants had almost as much fun licking their fingers as they did trying to find the hidden gems in the cakes!!

Check out  video of our own Len Joseph arriving in style with the twelve contestants in our Stretch Excursion Limousine!


Groupons, Deals and Value For Money!

Here at On The Town Limousines, we understand that our customers all want value for money, and will often shop around to find the best “deal” before making their reservations, whether it be for a wedding, an airport or cruise transfer, night out, prom or any other kind of reservation.

We always price out our vehicles fairly, offering not just value for money, but a guarantee that our vehicles are clean, will show up on time and are in full working order.  Our Chauffeurs are trained to be courteous, friendly and are professional  in both demeanor and attire.

It is worth bearing in mind the following points about companies who offer very low pricing.

  • They may not be fully licensed and insured, and are running illegally.
  • Cars are not maintained properly and may not have air conditioning or heating.
  • They are more prone to break down because of infrequent servicing.
  • Cars you see on their web pages may not actually be owned by them, and so substitutes, perhaps much older and in bad condition, will arrive to pick you up.
  • If you use a Groupon for limousine service please read the small print very carefully so that you fully understand exactly what you are getting for your money.
  • Be sure that the company you book with is the company you think it is.  This is applicable in towns that have more than one limousine service.

There are many legitimate, hard working limousine companies in our area, however there are also many who cut corners, and are not operating completely legally, so we encourage you to ask many questions before committing your money to a reservation.  Make sure you are completely comfortable with the operator and the vehicle or vehicles that you are reserving.  If possible take the time to go out to the office location for your operator to examine the fleet and to see exactly what you are getting. A company who is operating legally will have no problem with letting you see the vehicles and to answering any questions you may have about licensing and insurance.

There is nothing more disappointing to find out that on your big day, the car that arrives is not what you were expecting, it breaks down, or is not even the company that you thought it was.

So.. with wedding and prom season almost upon us, please ask the right questions and remember that the old adage is pretty true, you get what you pay for!

First Wedding Dance

So you are fairly well advanced with all your wedding planning, dress, flowers, venue, minister etc all are booked and there is not too much more to do.  But.. what are you going to do about that all important first dance – wing it, or go all out and wow your guests with a choreographed routine that makes you look like a professional out there on the floor?

This really is a personal choice and there are no hard and fast rules to follow.  Many couples are happy to just sway together to the music and basically stand still in the middle of the floor, but then there are those who want a little more flair to their first dance.  This is when taking dancing lessons is a must.  There are many ballrooms now that offer specific first dance classes.  They will take complete novices and over the course of six weeks or so teach a routine that will make you both shine!

Wedding dancing lessons are not just for the bride and groom either.  Lessons can be taken by the entire wedding party, or maybe the parents of the bride and groom would also like to be able to do more than just sway too! Perhaps as the parents of the bride or groom, you could approach the other parents and see if this is something you would like to do together.  What better way to get to know each other a little better and have a few laughs along the way.

So if you are in the Frederick area check out Mike Santos at Santos Dance.  Mike offers instruction in Ballroom, Swing and Latin as well as first dance choreography.  Who know knows you may just find a new passion in life at the sametime!!

Let us know how you get on!

And..Bridal Shows Part 2!

It sure has been a really busy few weeks here at On The Town Limousines.  We attended The Hollow Creek Bridal Show last Sunday and also the tasting at Musket Ridge on Tuesday evening.

Both of these events were so well attended and both venues were absolutely wonderful.  Brides you definitely should check out both of these locations, they are stunning and the food… absolutely amazing.

We took our new limo bus to both events.  Everyone has the same reaction to this party bus as they go up the stairs and turn into the bus, jaws drop and a big WOW comes out!!  Brides who have booked the bus, based on the photos, literally jump for joy when they see it for themselves, and those who have not booked, all want it.  So don’t delay call today to come and see this incredible bus.  It is ideal for weddings, wedding shuttles, parties, proms, nights-out, birthdays, corporate outings and so much more!  301-829-7999

Bridal Show – Visitation Academy Frederick MD

On The Town Limousines, Inc attended the first Bridal Show at The Visitation Academy in Frederick MD on Sunday.  This is a secret jewel  in Frederick that is just now becoming known about..  The Academy has four acres in the heart of downtown Frederick and can host weddings and events up to 300 people.

Check out the news article here and there is our own Len Joseph in the photo!


We also attended two tastings for brides at The Morningside Inn.  Another wonderful event, where we made some great connections and we look forward to working with all of you in the coming months.


5 Top Tips When Renting A Limousine

cartoon of secretary phoning


How to rent a limousine – sounds like a fairly easy thing right?  But for many people they have never rented a limousine before and do not know what information they should have handy before placing the call.

So, before you call, have the following basic information at hand:

  • The kind of service and vehicle that you are interested in.
  • The date or dates that you will require a vehicle.
  • The pick-up and drop-off locations.
  • How many people are going to be in the car.
  • Your budget if you have one, (most important if this is for wedding transportation).

We recognize that often you are just shopping for a price, but without some of the pertinent information it can be hard to give you a realistic and fair price.


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Christmas Party in January!

Read more

Wedding Planning for 2012

Did you just get engaged over the holidays?  Well if you did congratulations, this is a fun time for you and of course your families.  After the initial joy of the proposal and the receiving of the ring comes the planning for the big day.  Where to start?  Maybe we can help you with that!  First of all take a deep breath and then consider your timeline.  Once you have the date, it is pretty important to decide on where you would like to get married.  Many venues are booking at least a year in advance.

Depending on where you are getting married, you can determine all the other vendors that you will need.  The venue will also to a large extent determine the style of the dress that the bride will wear and also that of the groom and all the attendants. Do you want a traditional ceremony or something outside with a gorgeous natural backdrop?  Questions, questions questions!!

One way to help get the ball rolling and to allow you to do some one stop shopping is to attend the bridal shows.  We are currently in the midst of the bridal show season, so make sure to listen to the radio for upcoming events, check out the newspapers and of course most of the bridal sites will have links to what is happening and when.  You can do the samething for your wedding dress by attending the trunk shows for vendors and you stand the chance of saving some money which may ease your budget in other directions.

We just attended the Bridal Show at Linganore Wine Cellars, and last week we were at Turf Valley.  In February, we will be attending shows and tastings at Visitation Academy in Frederick on February 19th.  Two tastings at Morningside Inn also on February 19th.  Hollow Creek Golf Club on February 26th and Musket Ridge Golf Club on February 28th.  We hope to see you there, and don’t forget to give us a call 301-829-7999 when you need to book your limousines and shuttle buses.  We can do it all for you!!




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